Company Profile

2PM Europe S.A. is an independent asset management company focusing on offering comprehensive portfolio management services to private and institutional clients.

The independence of our company means it is fully-owned by its founding partners. The alignment of interests with the client is made possible by our independence, as we do not belong to a banking group or any other financial institution. This implies the investments are exclusively carried out in line with the client’s preference.

Rather than focusing on short-term profitability, the partners have founded the company with a long term perspective.

2PM Europe S.A. shares a common vision of long term success which lies in trustful relationships with our clients as well as stable and profitable returns of their portfolios.

2PM Europe S.A. aims to support, protect and advise its clients on all aspects of the management of their portfolios including investment management and wealth planning.

2PM Europe S.A., its shareholders and managers are approved and regulated by the Luxembourg financial sector supervisory authority (C.S.S.F or Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) as Professionals of the Financial Sector (PFS).

Right in Luxembourg city, the company office is located at West Side Village, 89D rue Pafebruch, 1st Floor, L - 8308 Capellen - Luxembourg.

At the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is both a world-class financial centre and a European hub for expanding companies such as 2PM Europe S.A. Luxembourg is one of the least indebted countries of the world with a triple A rating enjoying very stable and sound political and fiscal systems.

Our History

The founders of 2PM Europe S.A. are based in Monaco. Under the authorization and supervision of the local financial authority (CCAF – Commission de Contrôle des Activités Financières), they have established 2PM Monaco (Personalized Portfolio Management) in 2006 and built an outstanding track record in the performance of investment and wealth management services to high-end international clients.

Today, 2PM Group, the wealth management group they are the source of, has offices in Monaco (headquarters), Switzerland, and Mauritius as well as a team of 24 seasoned asset management professionals who oversee client assets above € 1 billion.

Backed by their success, the satisfaction and enthusiasm of their clients, they have decided to set up 2PM Europe S.A. in order to freely provide services in the major European countries and efficiently serve international customers on a European and global scale.

Personalized Portfolio Management: our DNA

Personalization of portfolio management is 2PM Europe’s DNA.


2PM Europe S.A.’s sole business is portfolio management – we are not distracted by other lines of business.

Our belief is that long-term success belongs to those investors who consistently focus on doing a few things right and on avoiding the worst errors. Being focused on one single business aims at meeting this objective to provide strong value-added performance and services to the client in the long run.


One size doesn’t fit all!

Each client is unique and 2PM Europe S.A. approaches each relationship and individual as such.

Unlike large financial institutions where portfolio management automation is the rule, 2PM Europe S.A. applies a tailor-made approach to portfolio management, which means:

  • We run client’s portfolios actively with a daily supervision, to the contrary of the more passive ‘industrial’ portfolio management policy.

  • 2PM Europe S.A. is not applying a benchmark approach. It implements the strategy defined with each client to meet his expectations in terms of risk tolerance, revenue generation and assets protection.

Our Values


Wholly-owned by its founding partners, 2PM Europe S.A. is fully independent as there is no financial institution holding a majority stake in the company. With no conflict of interest, our team focuses solely on our clients’ long-term satisfaction.


Transparency is absolute: 2PM Europe S.A.’s methods of management, relationships with third parties and remuneration are clear and aim to guarantee our interests which are fully aligned with those of our client.


2PM Europe S.A. aims to offer the highest level of excellence and service. Each client benefits not only from one portfolio manager but from a professionnal multi-expert team that brings many years of experience and "state-of-the-art" knowledge to meet the client's needs.


2PM Europe S.A.’s independence, transparency and quality of its services constitute a solid base for long-term relationships. Knowing our clients personally and individually as well as understanding their changing needs enable us to advise them at all important stages of their lives.

Our Team

At 2PM Europe S.A., all team members:

  • are committed to act with sound ethics, mutual respect and deep integrity and always to place the clients' interests ahead of their own,

  • have extensive technical expertise and multi-year proven track records in investment and wealth management and are able to go beyond technical knowledge by offering something even more valuable: practical wisdom and common sense,

  • share a passion for investment and wealth management business,

  • are ‘happy-at-work’ and enjoy working together and with the client. Free from corporate bureaucracy and office politics, we embrace a stimulating, supportive, flexible and action-oriented working culture that sets us apart from our competitors.



Fluent in 4 languages: French, English, Flemish/Dutch and Danish.


Since 2006, Co-Founder of 2PM Monaco SAM and Managing Director in charge of the strategy and the operational aspects of the company. Member of the Board of Directors, the Executive board and the Investment Committee.

President of the Board of Directors of 2PM Europe SA (Luxembourg), Member of the Board of 2PM (Suisse) SA, 2PM Development SA, 2PM Services SARL and 2PM (Mauritius) Ltd.

Over 25 years' experience in Asset Management and Portfolio construction for both Private and Institutional clients in major financial centre. Significant experience in the Fund Management business (Sicav).


Master in Economics (FUNDP Belgium).

Diploma in Portfolio Management & Financial Analyst (ALGAFI Luxembourg).

François-Xavier SELECK


French and English.


In 2016, François-Xavier participates in the creation of 2PM Europe S.A. and becomes its Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director of the company in which capacity he supervises several operating functions.

In his early thirties, François-Xavier's entrepreneurial spirit comes to the fore. In 2009, he is the founding partner of 4U Capital, an independent advisory company for professional investors.

At the beginning of 2007, he co-founded YMA Asset Management (named today Bellatrix Asset Management), a UCITS management company (Chapter 15 CSSF authorisation).

From 2005 to 2007, he serves as head of traditional and alternative multimanagement and fund selection at Crédit Agricole Indosuez Luxembourg.

From 1998 to 2005, he is deputy-head of traditional and alternative multimanagement and fund selection at KBL European Private Bankers Group.


Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Masters Degree in Financial Economics (Université Catholique de Louvain)

Masters in Business Engineering ("Ingénieur Commercial et de Gestion", Université Catholique de Louvain)

Jean-Yves DOURTE


French, Spanish and English.


In 2016, he participates in the creation of 2PM Europe S.A. and becomes its Chief Executive Officer, responsible for the Business Development of the Company.

He spent the last 23 years of his career in the KBL European Private Bankers Group where he began as Client Officer in 1993.

In 2003, he was appointed as Risk & Lending Manager in Banco Urquijo, Spain (Urquijo was a subsidiary of KBL European Private Bankers and was one of the most important Private Bank in Spain).

He completed this period as Head of Group Lending as responsible for the whole activity within the KBL European Private Bankers Group (responsible of more than 40 persons and a portfolio of more than EUR 2 Billion).

Located successively in Luxembourg and Madrid.


International M.B.A. (Instituto de Empresa, Madrid-Spain)

Master in Economic and Social Sciences from the University of Namur (Belgium)



French, Dutch, English.


She joined 2PM Europe in March 2018 as Senior Relationship Manager, in charge of developing a portfolio of local and international clients.

With over 25 years of success in the banking sector, having managed up to 150 clients and responsible for additional hunting, her current goal is to transfer her skills to a smaller structure.

Her aim is to focus on clients' needs and offer them a totally independent discretionary management service built on trust and commitment on the long term.

In 2001, she moved to KBL European Private Bankers where she stayed for more than 16 years as Relationship Manager for wealthy clients.

In 1993, she made a career shift and started a new challenge at Argenta Bank in Luxembourg, where she was responsible for Dutch speaking clients.

In 1990, she was full-time language teacher in higher education.

In 1989 she started her career at the Egmont Palace in Brussels, where she was in charge of meeting reports and translations for the NATO, the Shape and some ministerial meetings.


Graduate in Germanic Philology at the University of Louvain-La-Neuve (UCL) in 1988

Aggregate for teaching at the upper secondary education at the University of Brussels (ULB) in 1993
Continuous training in the financial sector



French, Italian and English.


She joined 2pm Group in June 2017 as a Senior Private Banker in charge of developing a portfolio of private and institutional clients.

25 years' experience in Wealth Management for HNW individuals as a Senior Relationship Manager at Société Générale Bank & Trust Monaco.

Actively managed a book of HNW Italian customers (Total AUM: 200 million euros), developed strong client relationships by providing investment advice and a high standard of services in wealth planning organization (real estate, inheritance, business transfers, etc.)


DUT diploma in business and sales (Saint Nazaire, France) and ITB Banking Diploma (Nice, France).

Sabina VAN MOL


Dutch, French, English.


With 25 years of experience as Senior Private Banker, highly committed, strongly client and quality oriented and aiming to optimise Personalised Consulting and Independent Portfolio Management, Sabina joined 2PM Europe S.A. at the first of October 2018 where she fulfils the function of Senior Wealth Advisor.

In 1993 she came to Luxembourg and started working for KBL EPB. As Senior Private Banker she advised High and Ultra High Networth Individuals in investments and wealth planning for 25 years.

From 1989 until 1993 she was active in the Reinsurance and Insurance Business in Brussels where she worked as team leader of financial projects for institutional clients.

Sabina started her career in 1987 in the Transport Sector's Logistics where she was in charge of commercial and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) projects for institutional clients as well.


Sabina graduated in a Master of Applied Economics at the University of Antwerp in 1987.

She follows on a regular basis specific courses in investments, legal and fiscal subjects, and in compliance related items.

Our Partners

Portfolio management being the one and only business, singular focus is part of the firm’s DNA. Accordingly, 2PM Europe S.A. outsources all non-core peripheral activities such as:

  • all the duties associated with the depositary bank services, i.e., custody, trade execution and settlement, accounting, etc.;

  • tasks and processes related to the administrative management of funds and any other investment vehicles;

  • regulatory and legal matters;

  • company accounting and audit (both internal and external);

  • information technology.

We work exclusively with carefully selected partners who we continuously monitor as part of our ongoing due diligence.

When selecting our partners, 2PM Europe S.A. always strives to think from the perspective of the client. Indeed, we always search for the best experts in their respective field that can add value in the highest interest of our clients and to the optimal price.

Our Offices


2PM Europe S.A.
West Side Village
89D rue Pafebruch
L-8308 Capellen


2PM (Switzerland) S.A.
7, Chemin du presbytère


2PM (Monaco) S.A.M.
Le Méridien
8, Avenue de Fontvieille
98000 Monaco