Operating Model

As an independent asset manager solely focusing on institutional and private wealth portfolio management, 2PM Europe S.A. does not keep accounts or deposits. The client will always maintain a banking relationship. While 2PM Europe S.A., acting as the portfolio manager or advisor, is responsible for servicing the client’s investment needs, the bank takes care of the execution, settlement and custody and all other duties not related to portfolio management services.

The client keeps their existing account with their custodian and grants 2PM Europe S.A. a limited power of attorney, allowing 2PM Europe S.A. to advise or manage investments on their behalf. Transfer and withdrawal of liquidity and/or securities remain entirely in the hands of the client.

A mandate is established between 2PM Europe S.A. and the client, stipulating the scope of powers delegated, the investment profile and strategy, remuneration and any other specific requirements.

The collaboration between 2PM Europe S.A. and the custodian bank is based on an agreement that stipulates the rights and obligations of the contracting parties and which is always approved and signed by the client.

Portfolio Management Description

Portfolio management consists of the investment management of the client’s financial assets based on a personalised investment strategy that has been clearly set out with the client and best matches their investment goals.

At 2PM Europe S.A., portfolio management is a comprehensive process that encompasses two disciplines: investment management and wealth planning.

2PM Europe S.A. views the latter as an integral part of our portfolio management process as it can have significant impact on the return and liquidity of the client’s portfolio.

Wealth planning considerations such as the client’s personal wealth, their financial needs and obligations, their family situation and their fiscal and legal constraints are all key variables that need to be factored in the investment process in order to build the most efficient investment strategy for each client.

Ultimately, the mission of 2PM Europe S.A. as portfolio manager consists of:

  • Determining together with the clients their investment profile in accordance with their personal and financial situation, knowledge and experience, risk tolerance, investment horizon and their objective.

  • Determining together with the clients their investment strategy.

  • Based on the investment decision made, bull market opportunities are explored to generate income and grow the client’s capital yet protecting it as effectively as possible during bear markets in 2001, 2002 or 2008.

Portfolio Management Mandates

Discretionary Portfolio Management Mandates

The discretionary mandate gives 2PM Europe S.A. a power of attorney mandate to manage the client’s account according to the mutually agreed strategy. The client does not have to validate each operation. They receive their portfolio statement at their convenience. 2PM Europe S.A. specialists meet regularly with the client to review their portfolio, the performance and the strategy.

Investment Advisory Mandates

If the client wants to participate actively in the management of their portfolio, they also have the option of signing an investment advisory mandate. They gain access to all of the firm's research as part of this service. A mandate is signed, according to which the client has to validate each operation. The customers benefit from 2PM Europe S.A.’s expertise, investment ideas or recommendations and they are actively involved in making the last investment decision themselves.

Ancillary Services

2PM Europe S.A. aims to provide solutions to its customers for all issues related to their wealth and which can go beyond investment and portfolio management.

Relying on in-house expertise and/or cooperating with outside specialists for specific matters, 2PM Europe S.A. guides, advises and supports its clients with:

  • estate planning;

  • tax optimisation;

  • investment vehicles structuring;

  • non-financial asset management (real estate, art collections, insurance policies, etc.);

  • charity and philanthropy services;

  • credit structuring.

For largest clients, 2PM Europe S.A. offers a range of family office and concierge services as well.

Our goal is to provide each client with a total wealth-management platform with independence, transparency, quality and continuity as our core values.